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BFHeroes gameplay

The Battlefield series is one of my favorite game series. The upcoming game in the BF series is the MMO version of Battlefield, called Battlefield Heroes which EA and DICE are going to provide for free. Here is the information found on the official BFHeroes site:

* Battlefield Heroes™ is a free cartoon-style shooter for the PC
* Combining classic gameplay with brand new innovations, it’s a totally new experience
* Cartoon-style graphics bring the fun back to shooters
* Third person camera so your Hero is centre-stage!
* Create your own unique war Hero with extensive character customisation system
* MMO-like special abilities add strategic depth to combat

I’ve been looking forward to try this game for a long time and finally this Thursday I received a beta test key to BF Heroes.

The game is very simple and easy to learn and you don’t need a computer with the latest hardware to play it, which I really appreciate since my Windows computer is over 5 years old and don’t like new fancy games.
I also like the “cartoon-style” in the game because it makes me laugh even if I just got killed. It also reminds me a little bit of the early game “Codename Eagle”, which was developed by Refraction Games, which later was purchased by DICE, but that’s another story.

Overall the game is very funny to play and I love that it is has a “fast-game” style, with that I mean the re-spawn time is very short (5 sec), and if you are a accustomed Battlefield player you’ll love this game. At least that’s what I do and I really looking forward to new updates and items to my character.

Due to the NDA I can’t tell more about the game, you’ll have to wait until the public release of the game or sign up for a beta key here.
Well at least I can tell you that it will be worth waiting for..

These are the names of my heroes:

SirSneakup, Aspenback, GundeCowboy and BigGunJoe.

And of course a picture of my elite hero


Further reading:
The Official BFHeroes homepage

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