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It’s been a while since I wrote something on my blog and the layer of dust on this blog was really hard to remove. Well maybe some of you has been wondering what I’ve been up to.. Well the summer was great actually, I were on festival in Gothenburg called Metaltown witch was a really awesome festival with many great bands. Slipknot was the grande finale on Metaltown and hell yeah! they know how to rock the shit out of a festival!

I’ve also decided to take a year off from the studies on college because of my lack of self-discipline and maybe next autumn I’ll be ready to dive into the studies again but this time I’ll try another program called Webmaster were you learn how to be a webmaster, I’ll learn how to manage PHP, XML, MySQL and stuff like that. Hopefully I’ll do better.

My plans for the autumn is to work and work and maybe work little more.. And almost forgot, I’ll also go to a concert with In Flames in Gothenburg and yeah, they will rock the shit out of that town!!

That’s all for me this time, hopefully you’ll hear from me soon I’ll try to keep this blog updated again.
Take care

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