Bill Gates at TED

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I may be a fan of Apple and Steve Jobs in the case of computers, but in terms of ambition to make things better for humanity, I am a big fan of Bill Gates. I admire his ambiton to do things better and how unselfish he is. It’s not only “make things better through better software products” it’s more likely “make things better by rewarding those who are already doing great things so that they continue to do good things” for example, people who are good teachers.

By rewarding those who are good at teaching it helps them to keep their ambition and by being a good teacher we will..
Well watch the video below Bill Gates will tell you, it’s worth the 20 min even if you hate microsoft and thier products and even if you are an Apple fan, it’s worth it.

Bill Gates is talking about his ideas to make things better to the humanity

I first read about it at Redaktionen – En blogg från gänget bakom MacWorld

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