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Likeholix is a service where you share your likes with other people. For example if you liked a movie you just watched why not tell others about it? or if you like a webpage let someone else know. You can also connect your likeholix account to your Twitter, Friendfeed and Facebook account, if you want to share your likes with friends that not yet have likeholix. The service works nice and yes it’s like twitter or any similar service, once you’ve start using it, it’s difficult to stop.

The service is still in beta stage but if you want a invite, I have 10 invites to spare. Leave a comment in this post and tell me what you like right now, it can be a webpage, proram, movie, thing etc. don’t forget to write your mail adress in the mail adress field. I will choose 10 comments randomly that will get a invite from me.

Twitter, you can also make a reply to this tweet – Tweetpost – and tell me what you really like right now.

If you don’t get a invite from me, you can still sign up for a invite on the homepage and they will probably sent you a invite when they have dicide to let more people in.
The adress to the site is:

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Micro and nano blogging

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If you are familiar with blogging, I think you’ve also heard of/or encountered Micro-blogging. With a Micro-blog you have a limit of 140 characters to answer one of the most frequent question: “What are you doing?”. But as the micro-blogging has become increasingly popular and has more users so have the use of it changed. Instead of just typing what you are doing, the micro-blogs has become a tool to share links and tips with each other, and also a way to let people know when you have a new update on your blog. Plurk is one of these micro-blogs that let you choose if you want to tell people what you’re doing or maybe what you’re looking for or if you just want to share a link or a photo.

Here are few of many micro-blogs out in the bloggosphere:

  • TwitterThis is the original(?) and also the biggest of the micro-blogs on the net
  • BloggyThis is the Swedish counterpart to Twitter
  • JaikuThis was meant to be the “Twitter killer”
  • Plurk -On this micro-blog you can choose in which category your post belongs

This way of blogging I ran in to yesterday when I stumbled around on the net. A Nano-blog is similar to a micro-blog, but only that a nano-blog is even smaller than a micro-blog. Instead of a limit to 140 characters, you have a limit to one word to explain whatever you want to say. I think this is a quite fun idea and a little bit of a challenge. it may sound easy but try to explain i.e “I have a bad headache and don’t want to work any more today” with just a single word, it’s quite of a challenge but it’s fun. I think that many new and strange words will be born via Nano-blogging.. So far, I have only find a Swedish version of the Nano-blog, and the name of that site is

You can find links to my pages at these services or watch my activites on my “social me” page.

Thanks for reading and you’re welcome to leave a comment

Further reading:

Twitter in plain English

Twitter in Plain English from leelefever on Vimeo.

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Look up who is who on the socialweb

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socialwhois logo
The social web is getting bigger and bigger, and along with that it’s getting harder to kow who is adding you as a friend on FriendFeed or Twitter, untill now. offers a free service that lets you look up a user on Twitter or FriendFeed, but the information about the user depends on what (s)he has added to the profile.

If you want to change your information on it’s very easy to do that, just go to and search for your username on FriendFeed/Twitter. Then you have to confirm that it’s you by fill in your Twitter details or FriendFeed details. You can also, if you don’t want people to find you on Socialwhois, make you invisible on the page (but that just boooring and unsocial..)

Klick the link below and let people know who you are..

Further reading at:

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I’ve just tried the twitpic service, it works really nice. With Twitpic you can upload a photo from your phone. You’ll find twitpic at But before you can use this service you’ll have to register a account at
Test on TwitPic

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