The story of how i met my MacBook Pro

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This is my attemt to use the word “druthers” in a sentence. It’s a challange Chris Pirillo announced on Twitter and I accepted the challenge ^^. “Sorry Chris if this is “crappy” english, but I’ve tried”


This is the story of how I met my MacBook Pro
It was a cold day, early in the spring 2008.. I decided that I wanted a MacBook pro, I didn’t know why but I think I always had this druthers to MacBooks.. I just couldn’t get rid of that feeling. It was just one thing that held me back from buying a MacBook…

I didn’t had enough money. I thought that I would never have enough money to buy a MacBook. But as a lightning from a clear sky (?) my beloved grandmother donated some money, so now I could afford a new Mac. I think It was fate. I ordered my MacBook Pro and a few weeks later that spring it knocked on the door… It was the happiest day of my life.

And now my beloved MacBook pro and I live a “happily ever after” life…

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